Second Wind

Sometimes, it’s not the size of the project that leaves the most lasting impression. In fact it’s often the most subtle thing that creates the biggest impact. Such was the case with a small existing commercial building on Highway 1 in Bodega Bay, CA. The original structure had it’s front entrance facing Highway 1 and the problem with that is there was only a small strip of land between the front door and the busy highway that has no sidewalks. The small adjustment we made was to create a new covered porch along the side of the building that faced the busy corner and provide ample visitor parking to essentially greet you as you drove through the entrance.

General Specifications:

  • 1,475 square foot Interior Remodel with a new 130 sf covered porch, ADA ramp and parking.

  • Wood frame construction.

  • Bodega Bay, CA.

  • Completed 2006