Kentfield Classic

For this project, the lot coverage and FAR were already maxed-out so we were not able to add any additional square footage to the project. Thus, special attention had to be paid to the interior circulation and selection of finishes to give the interior as much spaciousness as possible without adding square footage. To do that we brought the eyes upward with a 1x8 v-groove ceiling at the great room vaulted ceiling which allows the light to bounce around the space. Then, by adding wood wainscots at strategic and built-in cabinets at strategic locations we were able to provide much needed storage space without compromising the circulation or spaciousness of the rooms. From there we articulated the formal living room with a flat coferred ceiling which gave the house a nice and cozy getaway that complimented the volume of the great room.

General Specifications:

  • 1,762 square foot Interior Remodel with new interior finishes throughout.

  • Wood frame construction.

  • Kentfield, CA.

  • Completed 2014