The Most Forgotten Area in the Home

I though I would write about the most forgotten area in a house.  Any ideas?  It’s the ceiling.  Look around at your ceilings.  Have a flat, white, sheetrock ceiling?  (Bonus if it’s not white.)  Most people do since it is budget friendly.  I would like to challenge you to think outside that flat, white, boring ceiling with the following designs.  The first one is a very simple design.  I would consider this to be a DIY project. 

Even tiny kitchens deserve a great ceiling treatment.

The ceiling is finished with bead board.  They make many styles of boards from various materials.  Your local lumber yard (or Home Depot) will carry a selection.  I like the juxtaposition of the straight lines with the curve of the track.  The detailing around the entry is custom. 


You will want to remove the current ceiling finish before you install the boards. 


Although you can find boards made from vinyl please do not install them inside your home.  Vinyl is highly flammable and does produce highly toxic fumes when burning.

The next ceilings are not DIY projects. 

Can’t you just image that great parties that are given at this kitchen.

Can’t you just image that great parties that are given at this kitchen.

This ceiling was reframed with a slight barrel vault and has led lights ringing the opening.  The lights can be any color.  I love the playfulness of the lights and how the owners can set the mood with the color they select. 


To construct this ceiling make sure there is nothing above in attic such as your furnace.  This would not work if you had a second floor above.

Just think from one sheet of paper. . .


We call this the origami ceiling.  The owners wanted to vault the ceiling.   That’s was a good idea, but we had a better idea; install a skylight at the top.  We designed the shaft walls to be as large as possible, given the existing framing of the roof.  By working with the existing roof framing, we came up with this “folded” design.  The owners love the ceiling and skylight.  Not only do they get more light into the room, the skylight is operable. 


When you vault a ceiling thing about adding a skylight.  You will be glad you did.

 So, don’t forget about the ceiling.  It can be the most dramatic part of your house.  Questions?  Have a project?  Contact us and sign up for our emails.  Link is below.