Our philosophy at Red Maple centers on the fact that as art-centric architects and designers we create tailored and stylish architectural solutions that meet our clients needs.  And those needs vary from client to client making each and every project unique.  Since there are no ’one-size-fits-all’ solutions to life there are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions to architectural projects so we approach each project with its own set of criteria and focus on the priorities of our clients to reach the project goals.  Below are a few special characteristics symbolic of our design and philosophy.

Inspired Interiors

Perhaps the most important and unique quality we create for all of our projects is an inspired interior.  We believe that the spatial character of the interior is what makes our designs special and our clients most happy.  For our clients the interior is where they spend the bulk of their time so we pay special attention to the flow of the floor plan, ceiling heights, materials and natural light.


Indoor-Outdoor Connections

The second most requested item that we incorporate into our projects is a strong relationship between the inspired interior and the immediate outdoor public/semi-public spaces.  This is an important connection since it is this relationship between the interior and exterior that gives our projects their enhanced presence.  Building siting, placement of doors/windows and exterior patio/deck areas are part of the repertoire.


Exteriors with Special Curb Appeal

The last element of our architectural style is a tailored exterior that enhances the curb appeal of the project giving it a strong community presence.  We often express the interior spaces outward to the exterior further enhancing the Indoor-Outdoor Connection.